2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Preview Round 3 -

Eastern Conference Finals

Washington Capitals Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning


Regular Season Record ( 2-1-0 Lightning)

The powerful and fast offense, lived up to the name when the Lightning darted past the Bruins in Round 2. After a scary game 1, they meticulously re-corrected the ship and brought back the team, we were so entertained by during the regular season.

The Lightning defense did give us pause for concern at first, when they struggled against Brad Marchand and the mighty Bruin offense, when they gave up 6 goals to them in game 1.

We can remember, back to the regular season where they ranked 13th in the league in goals against and 6th in shots on goal since January. So the defense does need special attention if you plan on hoisting the cup a few weeks from now.

Now the bleeding doesn't come without a few bad-aids, the Lightning have been able to rely on Vezina contender goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy, for help. During round 2 you can clearly see the Lightning defense step-up as well, as they averaged roughly 20 shots-against per game, with the exceptions of Game 1 and 5. Something they will need to keep up as they storm their way to a Stanley Cup final.

The Capitals on the otherhand should not be overlooked.

Many yawned at the idea of Crosby beating Ovechkin once again, to move onto the Finals. (Including myself.)

But Ovie is playing with a such a big chip on his shoulder, you can see it through the TV screen. The Capitals are letting their lead-dog eat, as he has 15 points in 12 playoff games and has a league leading 58:25 on the power-play.

Comparative to Lebron James and the Cavaliers, you play the players that are going to get you wins, just hopefully the tank has enough gas to get you there.

If we learned anything over the course of his Ovechkin's career, is that he has a ferocious appetite for Tampa Bay Lightning. Having scored 43 times on Tampa during his career, which is the 2nd highest team he is likely to score against.

If Ovechkin ever had a shot at the cup, the time is now. It will be interesting to watch him go back to work and see the tactics, Tampa will counter with in order to stop him. If you like fast play and high scoring contests, this will be a series you wont want to miss.


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