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Penguins vs Flyers

Pittsburg Penguins Vs Philadelphia Flyers

It's Going To Be A Classic As The Philadelphia Flyers Take On The Defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburg Penguins. Get The Full Preview Here

Minnesota Wild Vs. Winnipeg Jets

The Minnesota Wild will have their hands full with one of the hottest teams in the NHL since the trade deadline, the Winnipeg Jets. With a Balanced roster and some explosive chemistry thanks to Patrick Laine and recent aquisition Paul Stasny, we expect more then a few red lights to be lit in this regional rivalry. Get The Full Preview Here!

Minnesota Wild VS Winnipeg Jets
Los Angeles Kings vs Vegas Golden Knights

Los Angeles Kings Vs. Vegas Golden Knights

It's a gonna be a wild one in the sun, as the the Los Angeles Kings try to redeem themselves after missing the playoffs last season. They will certainly have there hands full as they take on the upstart Vegas Golden Knights who have advanced to the playoffs for the first time in their inaugural season in the NHL.  

Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Boston Bruins

It's an original 8 match-up between The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. With a rivalry that is already one of the most legendary in the history of sports. It will be fun to see how the young upstart leafs led by Auston Mathews and guided by veterans like Patrick Marleau, can deal with the gritty hard hitting veterans of the Bruins, Zdeno Chara And Brad Marchand.

Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Boston Bruins

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