McGregor Vs. Mayweather will happen! But in which gloves?


Since April 6 2013 the MMA world has been set ablaze by a brash cocky young upstart by the name of Connor McGregor, fast forward 4 Years 2 world Titles, and 6,575,000 PPV buys later. Connor McGregor is the biggest superstar in the history of the UFC. A masterful pugilist with a dangerous set of hips and kicks. Skills honed training and working daily with some of the most talented fighters on the planet. So with all that success and millions more in ppv buys to be considered. McGregor has chosen to focus his attentions on boxing.

Taking aim at boxing's big money kingpin Floyd Mayweather Jr. An undefeated fighter with a record of 49-0, Mayweather has ruled over boxing's welterweight, light weight and super featherweight divisions for nearly the past two decades. Mayweather a five division World Champion who has won over 15 world titles in a career spanning the past 20 years. Over that time he has amassed over 19 million PPV buys. 5 battery charges and 1.3 billion dollars in revenue.

Our hats off to both of them. They get money!

With that said they also fight and after all the money is settled up and the appropriate splits are decided these two are going to fight. To do so a glove is going to have to be decided on. Now as much as I would rather see these two fight in professional 4oz. MMA gloves, that's simply not gonna happen. So what size of glove should this fight happen?

I feel that given McGregor's fighting style the smaller the glove the better his chances in this fight. MMA gloves do not offer the same levels of protection that a nice 10oz boxing glove provide. At only 4 oz the modern MMA glove does have a lot of merit in the regard that it protects the fighters hands, but offers little to no more protection for the face then a bare hand. Boxing gloves on the other hand tend to be at least 10oz and have enough padding to successfully block and protect ones face or body.

This is where this fight becomes compelling, Mayweather has never fought in smaller than 10 oz gloves. He likes the power he has in 10 oz gloves, but he has never fought in smaller as a professional. Mcgregor has never fought professionally in anything but a 4 oz glove with open fingers. Somethings gotta give.